Kaitaia Business & Professional Women Inc.

(Founded in Kaitaia 12 April 1988)

A warm welcome awaits all interested women at our monthly dinner events held on the third Tuesday of the month (February to November) at the Orana Motor Inn, 238 Commerce Street, Kaitaia – 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

Who is BPW for?

Women 18 years and over, regardless of education, employment status or age, who want to benefit from networking, friendship, personal and leadership development, education programmes and projects.

Who is a BPW member?

A BPW member

  • Takes professional responsibility on all levels in economy, politics and society.
  • Thinks and acts locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Practices networking, mentoring and lobbying.
  • Enjoys lifelong learning.
  • Works with United Nations and other international organizations.
  • Practices friendship.

Why is BPW Right for You?

BPW works to achieve equity for all working women through advocacy, ducation, and information.

The New Zealand Federation of Business and Professional Women is the voice of working women. Members benefit from networking opportunities, personal development, leadership, educational programs, advocacy and visibility. Formed in 1939, BPW NZ has been influential in creating equity for women in the workplace. With a powerful network of members BPW NZ means business for you!

What does BPW do?

Since 1939, BPW NZ has been building women’s careers and skills, by holding workshops and training events, providing scholarships, lobbying for women’s issues, building public issues awareness through the media, and much more. Our members also make a difference through more than 30 branches nationwide, each with their own projects, scholarships, and programs.

Together, we are affiliated to BPW NZ  (The Federation of Business & Professional Women Incorporated) and  BPW International (International Federation of Business and Professional Women) whose aims are to unite business and professional women in all parts of the world to use their combined abilities and strengths for the betterment of women and attainment of the following AIMS.

  1. work for women’s:

*economic independence
*equal opportunity and representation in economic, civil and political life

  1. encourage and support women and girls to:

*develop their professional and leadership potential
*undertake lifelong education and training
*use their abilities for the benefit of others, locally, nationally and internationally

  1. advocate:

*for the elimination of all discrimination against women
*for human rights and the use of gender-sensitive perspectives

  1. Undertake:

*world-wide networking and co-operation between business and professional women
*non-profit projects that help women gain economic independence
*to present the views of business and professional women to international organisations and agencies, and to business, governments and civil society.

But I’m not a “professional”. Is BPW for me?

Any one may join, regardless of how they earn a living. Even when BPW began 73 years ago members ranged from secretaries to executives, educators to business owners. We want you to meet women like you, whatever your career path, who have a desire to work together for the progress of working women.

Top Ten Benefits to BPW Membership

  1. Friendships. Form lasting bonds with wonderful women from all walks of life from all over the country.
  2. A Legislative Voice. Receive meaningful legislative information and updates on important work-life issues. Our focus is on improving the environment for working women. We have lobbied on issues such as Matrimonial Property, Student Loans, Employment Relations, Disability Strategies, Prostitution Reform, Pay Equity, Health & Safety in Employment, Paid Parental Leave and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs Action Plan for Women.
  3. Women Helping Women. Get involved and make a difference.
  4. Scholarships for Working Women. BPW provides local and national scholarships for ‘second chance’ education and young women embarking on their educational journey.
  5. Networking. As working women we face similar challenges and joys in the pursuit of a balance between our professional and working lives. Our members provide each other with support and success strategies that help us grow and change.
  6. Leadership Training. We work to expand the leadership capacity of our members to enable them to make influential contributions to their community locally, nationally and internationally. BPW believes that increasing the number and quality of women leaders improves our ability to make life better for all women.
  7. Opportunity for Advancement. You can gain experience at the local and national levels, with mentors to help you every step of the way.
  8. Personal Development. BPW offers a supportive environment where women can work together to share in the personal growth and development process and acquire personal development skills. Our members learn assertiveness, gain self-confidence, find ideas and support, benefit from mentoring and gain encouragement and inspiration from the experience and achievements of fellow members and a wide range of guest speakers.
  9. Travel. BPW offers events all over New Zealand and internationally.
  10. Programs and Meetings. Our Clubs meet monthly for dinner and hear from inspirational speakers on a range of subjects of interest to working women – some recent examples from clubs include: a political forum featuring women candidates from all the major parties prior to the general election, a seminar on “How to turn big ideas into successful small businesses”, and a recent migrant shared her experiences as a refugee fleeing Iraq.


Official Collect of Business & Professional Women

We ask

That we meet together as women, not allowing beliefs, religion, nationality, ethnicity or language to come between us.

That these meetings enable us to move forward and advance the status of women throughout the world.

That the value of women be recognized in our families, our communities, our workplaces, our country and the world.

That we use our good ideas, our knowledge, our experience to promote the worth of women.

That we combine our strengths to move forward in peace, in serenity, and in love.

That women of all generations will do their part to achieve harmony and equality among all human beings.


Original Collect of Business & Professional Women

Keep us, of God, from pettiness;

Let us be large in thought, in word, indeed.

Let us  be done with fault-finding and leave off self-seeking.

May we put away all pretence and meet each other face to face –

without self-pity and without prejudice. 

May we never be hasty in judgement and always generous. 

Let us take time for all things; make us grow calm, serene, gentle. 

Teach us to put into action our better impulses, straight-forward and unafraid.

Grant that we may realise it is the little things that create differences, that in the big things of life we are at one.

And may we strive to touch and know the great common, human heart of us all, and, oh, Lord God, let us not forget to be kind.

By Mary Stewart

(written in 1904)


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